ChildsPlay International

Our work in the Jalozai Camp of over 100,000 displaced people in North West Pakistan was specifically directed to healing trauma, identifying the children most at risk and making them the center of organized games and creativity. Go to Pakistan Project

In Haiti we focused on making masks and learning dance, two aspects that are central to the country’s Carnival culture [go to Haiti project]

In the village of Osiem, Ghana we brought together different schools in local villages, for competitive exercises that were athletic, intellectual, and performances [go to Ghana project]

In Kenya we focused on bringing play to HIV orphans who frequently spent their non-school hours working in underground mines. We also introduced story-telling circles and trained selected children in using video to document their own community. [go to Kenya project]

In our upcoming project in Peru, we will focus on passing down the oral story-telling tradition from elders to the youngest generation, thereby preserving Inca culture, which will find a way into Peruvian schools. [go to Peru project]

In Sri Lanka CPI partnered with Nanda to reintroduce play, creative activities and traditional games to areas of conflict.

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In Manipur, India we focused on indigenous play and festivity in a region that has remained relatively unaffected by international trends.  go to Manipur project